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About Al Benaroya

Executive Administrator

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What areas do we cover ?
  Al is Onsite at The Keys Condominiums, Walnut Creek, California  
Al Benaroya is Executive Administrator
  Al has recently joined the Bulls-eye Marketing Team as the Executive Administrator in charge of Marketing and Advertising for The Keys Condominiums of Walnut Creek. Call (925) 938-7368 to schedule an appointment.  
Why is it important to me that Al has Computer Engineering background?
  Al has an extensive Computer Engineering background. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer technology means increased efficiency and productivity, which translates into better service for our clients. In this fast paced market, Buyer's particularly need accurate and speedy information to make a good purchase. Cell phone technology means that you reach a person, not a machine. Try it now (925) 938-7368.  
What is our Marketing Plan for Sellers"?
  We have a 7 Step marketing plan. (1) A Marketing Flyer is Faxed to local area Real Estate offices and Realtors. (2) The property is placed on Realtor's Tour. (3) Signs and Lockbox are installed for Realtor access. (4) Enter property MLS computer system for view by thousands of Realtors. (5) Conduct Open House. (6) Extensive Internet marketing. (7) Advertise property for sale in local publications and newspapers. Al and his Team personally manage the lender, escrow and closing procedures on your behalf for a smooth transaction.  
What is Al's educational background?
  Al holds his Degree in Computer Science.  
What accounts for Al's continued success?
  Al has consistently produced top results because of his commitment to quality service. "While many professionals rely heavily on voice mail, I prefer to personally answer client calls. This allows me to more effectively assist our clients".  
Where did Al acquire such skills?
  Al has architected numerous large-scale mainframe computer and telecommunications projects in the United States and worldwide. Locally, Al has 24 years experience in residential personal real estate investing, land development, investment acquisitions and property management.  

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