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..........For those of you who may have missed that Board Meeting........Want a liitle more info than what's found in the Key Notes ??????........Your here.......

This section contains a brief editorial synopsis of each monthly Board meeting .. By Al Benaroya

Videotaped Board meetings are held in the Clubhouse on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month and are Broadcast live on the Keys closed circuit TV cable channel 10 at 7:30pm. Those that cannot attend a meeting or miss the broadcast can get some information here. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the KCOA. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed to be correct. Any requests for copies of video tapes or official minutes of meetings should be directed to the KCOA. Back Home

February 1999 Board Meeting

January 1999 Board Meeting




Board of Directors Meeting held on February 3, 1999 at Clubhouse 7:30pm



Meeting notes not updated yet...comming soon






Board of Directors Meeting held on January 6, 1999 at Clubhouse 7:30



Richard Means petitioned the Board to stop residents from posting flyers in the Lobbies. He said "there is no need for other opinions".

All Flyers posted in lobbies must be signed or indicate the Author or they will be taken down by Property Attendants

Comments: The Management and Board are effectively saying that the residents should not be able to talk to each other, or visit each other, and that these activities should somehow be under the control of the Board.

A Resident should be able to voice his or her opinion anonymously, WITHOUT FEAR OF RETRIBUTIONS FROM THE KEYS.


Trash Chute Relocation. The Board plans to re-locate some first garbage room doors and trash chutes to try to eliminate some of the smaller dumpsters.

Although Management has acknowledged that this will not result with any significant savings, it is being pushed through to make more room in the Garbage rooms for more recycling bins.


Suggestion: Why not set up trash chutes for recycling


Everyone generally acknowledged that the Boilers in most of the Buildings are SHOT and in need of replacement