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Sales are WAY UP at The Keys Condominiums of Walnut Creek condos provide lower cost alternative

The Main Pool and Clubhouse, over 5,000 square feet      As home prices continue to escalate, condominiums continue to provide a lower cost alternative.

The Keys offers amenities that no other complex in the area can provide. 21 Acre Tropical Garden Resort Facility offers , Tropical Gardens Full Country Club Facilities.

Buyer's who want to get the most value for their housing dollar soon find that no other Condominium complex in the area can really compete with The Keys

Mortgage Rates

Source: Bank Rate Monitor

National averages as of December 30, 1999:

30 yr. fixed:   7.93%           Averages Define
15 yr. fixed:   7.
54%          Compare the Cost
1 yr. adj:        6.
49%              State Averages

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Loan rates, although on the rise, are still quite reasonable. If Alan Greenspan has his way, we may see rates exceed the milestone 10% mark.
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Can I relax Now That My Loan is Pre-approved ??

     W hen homebuyers begin feeling rather smug and complacent after their loan is pre-approved, they somehow think they can go on "autopilot" until closing. The truth is, a solid loan pre-approval with no conditions is a fairly safe bet that everything will sail smoothly, but it certainly is no guarantee.
     During the time between loan origination and closing, varying factors can enter into the "picture" that may call into question the homebuyer's ability to re-pay a mortgage loan to the lender in question. Most of these factors and responsibilities sit squarely on the shoulders of the homebuyer. An untimely job change before before completion of the sale can cause problems. Safeguards for buyers (borrowers) to observe after the loan pre-approval and before the home's completion may include the delaying that job change.

Should I Buy A Condo ? 

     P eople buy condo - miniums for a myriad of reasons. These attached dwelling units are more affordable than single-family homes and, consequently, are attractive alternatives for first-time or low-income buyers. Sharing maintenance and repair responsibilities appeals to people who have limited time or aren't interested in such chores. Many condo complexes have swimming pools, recreation rooms, tennis courts or other amenities, and many condominiums are located in highly desirable resorts, golf course communities or vacation hot spots.
      Of course, there are pluses and minuses to community living. If you're thinking about buying a condominium as a full-time residence, here are some questions to consider:
Are you a good neighbor?
      Condominium residents share walls, floors, ceilings, hallways, entrances and parking areas with their neighbors. Respect for other people's right to the quiet enjoyment of their homes is part of the arrangement. Your neighbors will appreciate (and hopefully reciprocate) your efforts to turn down the volume, walk softly, close your doors quietly and limit your vacuuming to reasonable hours. If you're a noisy neighbor, you won't be welcome.
Are you willing to follow the community's rules?
     Condominium owners are bound by the association's covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). These thick legal documents cover everything from special assessments and the election of directors, to the operation and maintenance of the property and association. 

Exciting Ideas For Exciting Times! 

Marble, Granite and Columns are the order-of-the-day at The KeysOwners are doing fabulous things at The Keys 

Marble, Granite and Roman Pillars. Greco - Roman, Egyptian motif

Granite Countertops, Marble Flooring, Custom Cabinets...




Fine Granite Countertops Custom Built wood Cabinets, State-of-the-art Appliances and Marble flooring make this 

      Although space prohibits all upgrades from being mentioned here, see if any of these cutting edge products gets you feeling "switched-on" about the future of homebuilding:
      Granite and Marble: Some of the most beautiful and durable materials in homebuilding, are now being used in much more exciting ways than before.  The low maintenance and design flexibility of stone makes it practical and energy efficient when used structurally. Stay tuned for more and more uses for Stone, particularly as wood product prices continue to skyrocket.

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